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Manual IFRS Adjustments Breakdown per Standard

Jul 06, 2017 at 02:40 PM


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The SAP environment I work with is ECC6.0 EhP5 with the new ledger activated.

There are 2 ledgers: IFRS leading and local as non-leading.

The finance department would like a report showing the differences between the 2 ledgers broken down by the accounting principle that lead the adjustment (ex: IFRS19, IFRS 40, aso...)

Ideally, the report would have a first column with the figures from the leading ledger, then several columns to show the adjustments (1 column per accounting principle) and a final column for the figures from the non-leading ledger.

I am looking for solutions to identify the accounting principle in the adjustment journals. I have envisaged to create a document type per accounting principle or to populate a text field (key ref) with the accounting principle.

None of these solutions is satisfying for the users: in the first solution, there is a lot of document types to create, in the second one, there is no matchcode from the text field.

Have encountered the same issue in your company and have you found a solution? Is there an ideal field for that purpose in the accounting document I could use?

Thank you for your help.

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1 Answer

Omar Albosta Jan 15 at 01:46 PM

Hi Celine,

sorry i have a similar Problem:

we have also 2 ledgers: IFRS leading and local (HGB) as non-leading under HANA. Our Department need the same like yours. Do you know or thought about the "Extension Ledger". I heard about it but till now didnt got any documentations or white papers ..

Just tell me please if you solve it?

Thanks a lot



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