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ECC 6.07 and remote function call

Hello all,

We have an SAP application called QIM which contains an action which calls a remote function call into our ECC environment to process some data (and then it calls it back). In the past, when I've had to debug issues, I would put an external breakpoint before the call, and then when it hits and I F5 into the remote FM, its triggered and I'm pushed in the the ECC system where I continue to debug.

However, I've noticed that after the last enhancement pack we did in ECC (to 6.07), when I repeat the steps above, the system calls and executes the remote FM - it won't allow me to step into it. We have other ECC systems on lower levels which can be called and I have no problem with these, but the latest version seems to by pass based on how the call is written. I even directly put in the function module the "break-point" command and tried to use the SM50 process, but it also doesn't hit.

I suspect that based on how the call is written using the "Starting New Task" command that potential it works differently now? Reason I say this is if I just do a simple program and do a standard call to the remote function module, it triggers and I'm in the system without issue.

Does anyone have any idea why this happens when the code is written like the below for later enhancement pack upgrades, and is there a better way to write the call below so I can get the debugger triggered?

* -- Call RFC:
CLEAR mv_task_check_ers.
ADD 1 TO mv_task_check_ers.

DESTINATION iv_destination
CALLING on_end_of_followup_chk_ecc ON END OF TASK
iv_ebeln = ls_qim_ref-ebeln "PO Number
iv_ebelp = ls_qim_ref-ebelp. "Position Number

WAIT UNTIL mv_task_check_ers = 0 UP TO gc_waiting_time_in_s SECONDS.

IF mv_ers_active = 'E'. "A- sctive, N - not active, E - error
MESSAGE e023(zqim) INTO lv_msg_dummy. "ERS check failed

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1 Answer

  • Jul 06, 2017 at 06:04 PM

    Did you check whether the user which is used for calling, is a dialog user within the destination system?

    As well did you try using ''Terminal ID" which you as well may activate in the "Debugging"-tab?

    Detailed description on how to use you get from F1-help

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