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Export -> Modify -> Import Sets

Jul 06, 2017 at 01:33 PM


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In SAP ERP ist is possible to export sets (cost element groups) via transaction GS07 as flat file. You can then import this file via GS08.

We want to change a set name from "HCAG" to "HCGAG". So we export the set. Change the names (including all subsets - 281 occurences!) and then do an import via GS08. This is a real challenge, because you have to take care about the flat file structure! Is this way the only existing possibility?

Are there any smarter solutions offered by sap?

I didn't found some...

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Former Member Jul 19, 2017 at 09:17 AM

I tried a simulation on the method described with just a simple replace from "HCAG" to "HCGAG" and it works. Question is the linkage to the subsets maybe the complications as the code may not be unique or the linkage maybe unsynchronised.

My advise breakup the sets into manageable files with the same pattern/structure then do it by piecemeal basis. Since we dont have your sample data, we can only guess.

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Eli Klovski
Jul 07, 2017 at 09:10 AM


I don't get it... If you want just to save the set under another name, why won't you copy set HCGAG from HCAG?

Or you are creating it in another SAP instance?



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Copiing a set will only change the top-node name and does not rename subset names.

My set looks like:

-> 1234
-> 5678
-> hcag_subset_01
-> 9abc
-> defg
-> hcag_subset_02

and has about 50 subsets at all. While copiing the set, the subsets will not be renamed (i.e. from "hcag_subset_01" to "hcgag_subset_01"). Even if you copy all subsets manually, you will have to build the "overall-set" "hcgag" manually.

My idea was to export the set, search and replace "hcag" by "hcgag", and then import the file. But you have to delete 1 space in each line of the exportet file, because "hcgag" has 1 additional character.

So there is no smart way using export/import.