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May 25, 2007 at 01:13 PM

help full answers will be rewarded friends - Calling Method


Hi friends,

How are you all doing...

Reward will be given for guidence. Pls its urgent..

Can any one say how to call method 'on_costing_component_to_outtab' which belongs to the class 'cl_im__gui_itemization_ck'. Here the problem is two of this method parameters l_cl_cost_estimate & l_cl_costing_component are referred to further classes.

I declared in below faction and it is working fine when this method has normal code. Inside this method if some other class method is call then it is giving dump saying that paramether l_cl_cost_estimate & l_cl_costing_component are passed null and could not recognious until runtime. So how to make this method to work, there is one more class method called inside of this method. If i am creating objects for l_cl_cost_estimate & l_cl_costing_component then it is saying sub classes cannot be created.

Please give guidance for this so that i proceed further. Its very urgent friends.

Data: l_cl_exm_im_gui_itemization_ck TYPE REF TO cl_im__gui_itemization_ck,

l_cl_cost_estimate TYPE REF TO cl_cost_estimate,

l_cl_costing_component TYPE REF TO cl_costing_component.

create object: l_cl_exm_im_gui_itemization_ck.

CALL METHOD l_cl_exm_im_gui_itemization_ck->if_ex_gui_itemization_ck~on_costing_component_to_outtab


im_execution_service = l_ck_execution_service

im_cost_estimate = l_cl_cost_estimate "class

im_costing_component = l_cl_costing_component "class

im_gui_currency = l_ck_ewknz


ch_outtab_line = ws_ch_outtab_line.


METHOD if_ex_gui_itemization_ck~on_costing_component_to_outtab.



CALL METHOD im_cost_estimate->set_state


im_calc_requested = ckc_yes.