Hybris Marketing Import via OData Service

Hi together,

I'm trying to import sales orders to hybris marketing via the OData Service CUAN_IMPORT_SRV.

I'm using postman and json file ("CommunicationMedium" : "BUSINESS_DOCUMENT",

"InteractionType" : "SALES_ORDER").

When I add an "ImageURL" with the URL from our Hybris Commerce Webshop I get the error message Bad Syntax.

Also, I don't understand why I have to add "Amout" under Interactions AND under Products, otherwise I also get the error message Bad Syntax.

Can someone explain where the fields "Amount", "Currency", "Quantity" and "UnitOfMeasure" have to be in the json file.

Here I can just find information about the upload of interactions in general but his is working very well: https://cp.hana.ondemand.com/dps/d/preview/3f07b8545988b409e10000000a423f68/1603%20500/en-US/60ff8b5544fdbf5de10000000a423f68.html

It would be great if someone can post a json example for a manual sales order import.

Thank you & regards


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    Jul 12, 2017 at 07:45 AM

    Hi Tobias,

    some time ago I was trying similar. The post request to http://yourserver:8000/sap/opu/odata/SAP/cuan_import_srv/ImportHeaders I used had the following JSON:

      "Id" : "",
      "Timestamp" : "/Date(1498435200)/",
      "UserName" : "yourUser",
      "SourceSystemId" : "local",
      "Interactions" : [
          "Key" : "",
          "CampaignId" : "",
          "CommunicationMedium" : "BUSINESS_DOCUMENT",
          "ContactId" : "userID",
          "ContactIdOrigin" : "SAP_HYBRIS_CONSUMER",
          "ContentData" : "",
          "ContentTitle" : "",
          "InitiativeId" : "",
          "InitiativeVersion" : 0,
          "InteractionType" : "SALES_ORDER",
          "IsAnonymous" : false,
          "MarketingOrchestrationId" : 0,
          "Quantifier" : 1,
          "SourceDataUrl" : "",
          "SourceObjectId" : "",
          "SourceObjectType" : "SAP_HYBRIS_ORDER",
          "SourceSystemId" : "",
          "SourceSystemType" : "",
          "StartingPointUrl" : "",
          "StartingPointText" : "",
          "Timestamp" : "/Date(1498435200)/",
          "Valuation" : 0,
          "Currency" : "USD",
          "Amount" : "54.0",
          "Products" : [
              "Key" : "",
              "ItemId" : "D940000S0000",
              "SourceSystemId" : "hybris Web Shop 1",
              "ItemType" : "SAP_HYBRIS_PRODUCT"

    you would have to adjust the contact ID, timesptamps, item id, etc.

    To check where are certain attributes I am using transaction "segw" and then I filter for projects "CUAN*". e.g. attributes "Amount" and "Currency" are under Interactions.

    Regards Christopher.

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    • Hi Christopher,

      you have to add the role SAP_CEI_C4C_INTEGRATION to your communication user. This role is usually needed for the integration with C4C but it's also working for the communication with the hybris commerce shop. I've tested it and it's working fine :)

      Regards Tobias

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