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Deployed App in Portal

I completed the Tutorial TutWD_FlightList_Init WebDynpro application.

I finished my SLD configuration, built my JCo Destination, and i can click "run" from the WebDynpro app from within the Developer Studio and I get a new browser with teh application and I can search for flight data !!!!!

So, the question i have is "since i have deployed the application to the portal, where in the portal is the application?"

Does it reside in a folder like the Visual Composer is?

Do I have to create an IView and plug it in?

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4 Answers

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    May 25, 2007 at 10:48 AM

    Hi Michael

    Once u r through creating and testing ur webDynpro application from NWDS sucessfully and now if u want to run that web dynpro application from portal u should be doing following 4 steps

    step 1)Create Iview for ur Web Dynpro Application

    >logon to portal with adminstration rights->goto content Administartion->portal content

    >in the Browse Tab u will see portal content folder

    >expand the tree & Create ur own folder->right click portal content and create ur own folder

    >on ur folder right click ->select new Iview->

    >select web Dynpro Java Application radio button ->Next

    >select Create a single full-page iView from each application variant radio button -> next

    as u said u have deployed ur web Dynpro application on same Portal server only

    >expand Local ->look for ur deployed web Dynpro application ->select ur Application name->next

    u can provide iview name and iview Id ->next

    it will open up page template wizard for creating page provid page name, id ,select any layout option from the available option u can select more than one so that in future u have options for personalizing click -> next -> close wizard by selecting appropriate radio button

    u can open the page by double click in heriarchical view in ur folder and u can preview ur page

    step 2) create role

    >on ur folder right click ->new Role->give role name and id -> click next and finish

    >open ur created role ( double click )

    -> set Entry point property radio button for ur role to true/ yes else u wont be able to see that role even after u assign it to ur Id at logon to portal

    click Save button

    step 3) Assign the Created iview to the role

    > open ur role (double click)

    >right click on ur page name in folder heirarchy

    >select Add Page to Role as Delta Link

    >this will assign the page to role currently opened

    u can verify as assigned page appears in heirarchy of role object which is open

    step 4) Assign created Role to ur Portal Id

    >goto user Administration->identity management

    in search criteria search ur portal ID after u find ur ID

    ->click to open it and the click modify button

    ->click assigned role tab

    ->in serch criteria search ur created Role

    -> click add to add/assign that role to ur portal ID

    ->click save

    logon to portal with ur portal Id

    u will see the new role assigned to ur id u can see seprate tab created for ur webdynpro application

    and iview assigned to that role will open the web dynpro applicatiopn page in that

    Hope U got ur TutWD_FlightList_Init WebDynpro application visible on portal now



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    May 25, 2007 at 08:30 AM


    To view the webdynpro application in portal. Follow the steps.

    Here is the step-by-step procedure to create a web dynpro iView in portal:

    1. Logon to portal.

    2. Content Administration->Portal Content.

    3. Right Click on the folder 'Portal Content'.

    4. Select 'iView' ->'New'

    5. In the Template Selection, select 'SAP Web Dynpro iView' and click 'Next'

    6. In the 2nd step, Give iView Name and iView ID and a prefix. Next.

    7. Select application variant, say, 'Java' in the 3rd step. Next.

    8. In the 4th step, select the System (Your WAS System), give the project name of your webdynpro, like, local/ABC_Project in the WebDynproNameSpace. In the Application Name, enter the application name of your Web Dynpro Application, say ABC_App. Next.

    9. Finish.

    10. In the left panel, now you will see an iView has been created.

    11. Create necessary role/workset and assign this iView for an user.

    integrating webdyn appl in portal



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    May 24, 2007 at 09:13 PM

    Hi Mchael,

    for this, you have to create IView, pages in portal. then you have to create portal roles for that. Then assign those roles to User.



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    May 24, 2007 at 10:31 PM

    If you deployed the application in the portal,

    There are two way u can run the application.

    1> As a standalone application ( which u can get in the context menu for the application)( since portal runs on WAS)

    2>You can create a Iview for your webdynpro application in portal content management and assign to the roles.

    hope this helps.

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