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May 24, 2007 at 07:36 PM

VC Model Transport from Portal A to Portal B


I am posting this as an extension to Roy Cohen's thread on: "VC Model transport from portal A to Portal B using transport package?" because I have several questions that I am interested in obtaining answers for &/or clarification on and wish to be able to provide appropriate point awards for valued responses.

Please refer to Roy's thread page 2 for our reply exchange in his thread for a level set...


1 How do I include the par file associated with a VC Model deployment in as part of the export transport list in portal A? Roy indicated in his thread that I could just download the par from the appropriate location in portal A, add the prefix .par & then upload it back in to the appropriate location in portal B and that would get the correct par moved into portal B & things should work then. But is there a way to actually include it within the export transport list back in portal A before starting the actual export as is documented in the SDN doc '"How to Transport Models within SAP Analytics"? If not then I suppose that doc is in error.

2, Does anyone know of any plans by SAP to correct this issue via a future SP so that transporting VC Models would no longer be such an exercise? (We're at EP 2004s 7.0 SP10)

3. Any other comments on VC Model Transport processes would be welcome...and good links to doc, blogs, wikis, etc...would be as well...I will award points...

btw...hopefully, Roy will respond as I owe him some points on this already... 😊