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May 24, 2007 at 10:30 AM

HR paysleep application with Smartform


Dear friends.

I am having a one problem with HR smartform application. client using standard HR Paysleep aplication developed in PE51, and use this transaction to run 1. now client demands to have logo in the application. it is not possible with pe51. for that i am supposed to create a Z seriese program. now my main problem is if i create the smartform how i link it with the hr application.secondly.. is HRFORMS tcode helps me to create a z seriese smartform.

another problem is i dont know the dictionary structure, table, fields names anything related to the HR. can you send me the documentation on it and ways on which i can complete the task. I am blind in HR. please send me the process how i link smartform to he application.



p.s.: my mail id is: