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May 24, 2007 at 08:54 AM

Union & BI queries



We have constructed a KPI dashboard which is based on +- 50 queries delivering KPI's from many areas. (SD, PS, FI, CO,...)

We used the VC Union function to group the KPI's and display them together in a couple of VC tables.

However, it can happen that a certain infocube is empty due to a reload at a certain moment which gives the "No Applicable Data" in the query that is based on this cube. This is not a problem and logical ofcourse but as a result of this all other queries from other cubes which were joined via the "Union" function won't be displayed in the Visual Composer anymore since the Union function can't live with one query that has no applicable data.

This is ofcourse very frustrating. Is there anything we can do from VC side to bypass this behaviour ? I was thinking that we should maybe load a flatfile in each cube which gives always just the KPI name and 0 values for the keyfigures. But then this flatfile request may never be deleted from the cube. Are there any better alternatives because I don't like mine too,much. (breaking the connection for the affected query temporarily is a solution that I would like to avoid as well)