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SAP Web Dispatcher & Reverse Proxy


We are currently using Novell's iChain product for our reverse proxy (RP) to our EP7 Portal which in turn is connected to BW, CRM, & R/3. Can SAP's Web Dispatcher (WD) perform the same RP functions as iChain in this type of scenario?

For example, we have one iChain server which performs RP functions for EP7 which is also connected to BW, CRM, & R/3. We like to replace our iChain product and have been looking at WD. But, it doesn't look like a single WD instance can act as a RP for more than one system at a time. In other words, I setup a test WD system and pointed it at our EP7 system. It works fine for anything coming from EP7. But, for any iviews that point to BW, CRM, or R/3, it doesn't work, which makes sense since there doesn't seem to be anywhere I can define those systems in the WD. But could WD do this and I'm just not reading the documentation correctly? (Yes, I have been all over in regards to WD)

I did find the following SAP note, 740234, that discusses this to an extent, but it is mostly about load balancing across disparate systems, not RP functionality across disparate systems. Thus, I'm not sure this applies. Assuming this note is correct from a RP viewpoint, can I just run multiple WDs all on the same standalone system? Also, if that is the case, how is it that when I call a BW iView from the Portal, it knows to go through the other WD setup on that system?

Bottom line is, does/will SAP's WD perform the same functions as iChain or should we be looking elsewhere?

Hope that all made sense!



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2 Answers

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    Posted on May 24, 2007 at 08:29 AM

    Hello Tom

    The idea of WD is to dispatch a cluster of machines in the same system, not to dispatch systems in general.

    However, I have a problem to understand how you handle your systems. iViews should always go through the portal and should definitely not redirect to any other systems. Your data stream should go through the portal, not around it.

    There are more things then that irritate me, like how you handle user management in that case etc..



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    • Tom,

      I'm not an expert on this but my assumption is that the iView and/ or portal does additional communication with the BI source system and therefore has additional functionality. If you are using nothing else but the plain HTML pump-through mechanism that is there any ways, then you're fine and can use that technique.



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    Posted on Aug 23, 2007 at 06:17 AM

    Hi Tom,

    Any break thorugh. I am also trying to achieve the same using WD?

    I have exposed WD and published portal now I want to use same WD for BW and R3 also. Suppose If i change the ITS and BW was domains to same portal domain name where should I set this redirection in WD for portas as my BW,R3 and portal ports are always different.


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