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Compiling Error calling a procedure within another procedure (both with cursor)

Jul 03, 2017 at 11:51 AM


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for my customer i have just developed two sql procedures. In the first procedure ("PRC_SAS_TIMESLICES_VKONTO") there's a cursor with will be looped. And for each row in this cursor the other procedure "PRC_SAS_TIMESLICES_WRITE", wich also contains a cursor, is called.

On the customer system (HANA 1.0 SPS12) everything works fine. But on my local development system (also HANA 1.0 SPS12) i get the following error message:

Could not execute 'CALL "_SYS_BIC"."1080.RE_TEST_2017/PRC_SAS_TIMESLICES_VKONTO" ()'

SAP DBTech JDBC: [403]: internal error: Compile failed: CompilationFailedException: No details

The indexserver trace file gives some more information:


  line 124 ("_SYS_BIC"."1080.RE_TEST_2017/PRC_SAS_TIMESLICES_VKONTO": line 20 col 1 (at pos 555): "_SYS_BIC"."1080.RE_TEST_2017/PRC_SAS_TIMESLICES_WRITE": line 11 col 9 (at pos 370)): Error: Variable 'ptLoop17_1' already defined in line 76


It seems to be a configuration problem, but i don't know where to search anymore.

I need some hints or even better a complete solution to solve this problem.

best regards

Berndt Gernand

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