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Jul 06, 2017 at 09:38 AM

Error populating GLT3



We are working in a BPC Consolidation project and we are having some problems when we try to populate table GLT3 in R/3 System.

We did the following steps:

1) OCDZ: Delete ledger 9. (capture1.jpg)

2) OCN1 / CXNW: Run the transaction for a company and a year (capture2.jpg)

3) GVTR: After loading each year, we run Tx GVTR in order to carry forward opening balance of the year, with the following selection (capture3.jpg)

We repeated steps 2 and 3 for each year with data for each comany in the system.

The issue we detected is the following one:

- If we don't run carry forward transaction, GLT0 and GLT3 balance carry forward data is different; in GLT0, each year's balance carry-forward is equal to the previous year's balance carry-forward plus the previous year's twelve months; but GLT3, each year's balance carry-forwad only includes the months from January to December BUT it is not including the previous year's balance carry-forward:

GLT0: BCF = BCF (prev. year) + sum(months of prev. year)

GLT3: BCF = sum(months of prev. year)

(capture4.jpg and capture5.jpg)

- If we run carry forward transaction, GLT3 opening balanc is set to 0 for the year selected (we run transaction for year 2002 in this example) :


Please, could you tell us if we are doing anything wrong or if we missed a step?

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

Adrián S.


capture1.jpg (55.3 kB)
capture1.jpg (55.3 kB)
capture2.jpg (46.9 kB)
capture3.jpg (55.4 kB)
capture4.jpg (383.3 kB)
capture5.jpg (376.2 kB)
capture6.jpg (48.4 kB)