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FM/BAPI to update data to OIA05/OIA06 table

Jul 02, 2017 at 05:29 AM


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Hi All,

I am looking for an FM/BAPI which would update the tables OIA05/OIA06 with data that is calculated through a custom program. At a very high level, the custom program is supposed to retrieve the scheduled and called-off quantity details of a contract (sale/purchase) from the above tables, perform some calculations to come up with a new scheduled quantity for a selected month. This quantity has to be updated back into the OIA05/OIA06 tables for the said contract. I found a function module while doing some research on the same - RV_SALES_UPDATE_QTY_SCHEDULE. However, I am told by the ABAPer that this wouldn't work as it directly updates the said table alone and not the dependent tables (if any).

Any pointers/help would be great.

Best Regards,


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Raymond Giuseppi
Jul 03, 2017 at 07:28 AM

You could look at report ROIACM00 which was provided by SAP to correct inconsistencies in those tables, so can be a good starting point for Abap analyzis.

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Avik Mazumder Jul 02, 2017 at 07:13 AM

Hi Laxmi,

QTY_SCHEDULE_HANDLING is a standard SAP function module that performs Qty.schedule (SD/MM agreements,contracts etc) Exchange functionality.It has lot of feature which you need to ask your Aabaper to explain as per requirement.

Tips: how to influence posting with control segment

For order types it is possible to set the active Control Segment indicator in the tables T161 (MM), TVAK (SD).



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Hi Avik,

Thank you. Yes, I did come across 3 FM's while searching - QTY_SCHEDULE_HANDLING, OIA_GET_TSW_QS and RV_SALES_UPDATE_QTY_SCHEDULE. I was not sure whether dependent tables of OIA05/OIA06 (if any) would be updated using any or all of these. However, I'll once again consult my ABAPer on these.