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Value Mapping via UDF

Jul 01, 2017 at 08:13 PM


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Hi Gurus,

I have a standard mapping wit a udf which is calling value mapping in ID part i am not sure what inputs i need to pass to this UDF to get me the value .


now i have checked the SAP help and it tells src and dst are identifiers and value is the input .

So can somebody help me how what does the src and dst identifiers mean and how do i need to setup my value mapping in ID for this.



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Manoj K Jul 01, 2017 at 11:19 PM


1. Src : This is the source identifier i.e a combination of Source Agency and Schema

2. Dst : This is the target identifier i.e a combination of Target Agency and Schema.

3. Value : This is the value for the respective src identifier.

So by using above three combination you retrieve the target value.

Before Calling XIVMService you need to call XIVMFactory for building source and target identifier.

The reason for using such UDF's because using these UDF you can actually pass Agency and Schema Dynamically which is not possible via standard value mapping function.

Check this Thread i have showed a sample example.



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Thanks Manoj for your Explanation.

Can you please provide a example with value mapping in ID part too as well .As i am doing this first time I am still bit confused how to setup value mapping in ID part.



Please go through the blog Dynamic Value Mapping this has an exapmle of how to setup value mapping.




Thanks Manoj! .

Now i am able to implement successfully.