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May 23, 2007 at 02:03 AM

Event handler of inbound plug not called when plug fired by event handler


Hello All,

I have a rather bizzare problem, hopefully someone out there can figure out what is going on, as I'm rather stumped.

I have 2 views, A and B. They are linked by plugs, InA, InB, OutToA, OutToB. OutToB is linked to InB from A to B, OutToA is linked to InA from B to A.

There is an onActionLink in view A. Clicking on this triggers an action which calls the wdFirePlugOutToB method.

In view B some handling is done in the method onPlugInB, then wdFirePlugOutToA is called to change the displayed view back to A.

As far as the user is concerned they don't ever see view B. (this bit works perfectly!)

Now also in view A I have an event handler which handles a event from the component controller. It also calls wdFirePlugOutToB.

If I trigger an event in the component controller this event handler is called and the method called. However, when I put a breakpoint in the onPlugInB, flow never reaches here. Flow does get to the wdDoModifyView of view B but never to the inbound plug event handler.

Any suggestions as to what I might need to do? I would have thought calling the wdFirePlugOutToB method would ALWAYS trigger the linked event handler onPlugInB.

I am running NW04 SP18.