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May 22, 2007 at 06:13 PM

QM scenario (pre-sampling)



I have the following scenario:

Supplier sends samples to be inspected. QA departament inspects these samples (belonging to a vendor batch) and if they're OK, QA approves these samples belonging to a vendor batch and tells the supplier to send the rest of the goods (of the same vendor batch). These goods will be received into SAP with the vendor batch as the SAP batch. We can have several goods receipts of these goods. QA would like these subsequent GRs to be posted into unrestricted use instead of Quality inspection.

How can I map this business process?

I started to look at the source inspection however QA doesn't know the purchase order and the GR can be made agaisnt several PO.

The rule to follow is if the goods belonging to this vendor batch have been previously inspected, then post them to unrestricted use. And we're using the vendor batch as the SAP batch.

I tried the following:

1.- I Changed the parameter Control of Inspection Lot Creation (Lot Summary) at the inspection type assigned to material to "For Each material, batch and storage location". So the inspection lot should only be created once if we received several times the same material, batch in the same storage location.

2.- I created a inspection lot manually for material, batch and storage location.

3.- I recorded results.

4.- I took the usage decision as accepted.

5.- Make GR for the same material, batch and storage location.

I thought I was going to receive the stock into Unrestricted use but SAP is creating another inspection lot and putting the stock under Quality inspection.

Any ideas to achieve this goal ?

Any help will be highly apreciated.

Thanks in advanced.