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May 22, 2007 at 05:15 PM

SAP Console and Chinese Simplified? Is this possible?


Hello all!

Looking for some guidance/assistance.

We have a situation where we are extending our use of SAP Console to China.

In particular, we would like to allow the users to view Chinese Simplified Characters on their RF handheld menus.

Our current configuration is, as follows:

(1) RF Handheld running language build of UTF-8 client.

(2) Telnet Server (Georgia Softworks)

(3) SAP Console (sapcnsl.exe) running on windows.

One option is to abandon SAP Console, and use Web SAP Console.

We are looking into that option.

Before doing so, we wanted to positively confirm whether or not it is possible to emulate Chinese characters via SAP Console, and GSW through to our RF handhelds.

Does anyone else have a similar configuration?

Is anyone else doing this successfully for Chinese Simplified via the console based version of SAP Console?

We have been unsuccessful in all attempts to configure and get this working.

Have run across a very puzzling OSS note: 785091

This note does NOT directly come out and say that any specific language is NOT supported for use with SAP Console...(i.e. Chinese Simplified). But it leaves you to figure this out on your own.

So, we had found a microsoft KB article: 247815

Following this article, we were unable to come up with a TTF Chinese Simplified font that would allow us to view Chinese characters in the command prompt.

I'm guessing that what we are trying to do is not possible...although it's not clearly spelled out anywhere.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,

Chris Cassidy