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Columns in my list (an advance list pane) do not sort.

Jul 03, 2017 at 09:19 PM


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I faced a strange issue, that I cannot sort list (an advance list pane) by columns (in my custom screen in ByD).

Sometimes, in other lists, everything works properly, though some columns (usually, as I noticed, descriptions) do not sort at all.

However, I firstly faced such a case when all the list fully does not want to be sorted.

No column works in my custom interface of ByD. What could be the cause?

Thank you.

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Hi Aleksei,

AFAIK, Sorting is default functionality of SAP business by design.

If you simply click any column header in the list, you can sort by ascending/descending.

If you want to automate the same, you can do as below

In the sort option, you can give no sort as well and you can sort more than one column in the sort sequence. If you changed anything in the sorting option you wouldn't get the desired results.



byd-ui.png (33.4 kB)
sdk-ui.png (84.8 kB)
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Senthil Murugan Jul 04, 2017 at 01:48 PM

Hi Aleksei

Can you include cardinality on the node?

node MaterialCosts [0,n]{



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Aleksei BELOUSOV Jul 04, 2017 at 11:35 AM

Thank you, Senthil,

Yes, of course, I mean standard functionality of ByD. It does not work. In my case it looks so:

We can see nothing changes.

Node structure:

node MaterialCosts {
  element MaterialID: ID;
  element MaterialDescription: LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_MEDIUM_Text;
  element BaseQuantity: Quantity;
  element NoOfPiecePerPack: Quantity;
  element ScrapRate: Percent;
  element Overhead: Percent;
  element TotalQuantity: Quantity;
  element UnitCost: Amount;
  element UoM: MeasureUnitCode;
  element Cost: Amount;

Columns "Item" and "Material description" are not sortable at all, as far as I can see.

What can be a bug?

Best regards,


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Hello Aleksi,

If you did not prohibit sorting in your UI via the UI Designer :-) it must work.

Therefore I suggest to raise an incident.

. Horst

Aleksei BELOUSOV Jul 04, 2017 at 06:10 PM

Hello, Senthil,

Yes. You are totally right After adding cardinality sorting started to work.

Thank you.

Text columns still are not sortable, though.

Please, can you say what field type I should use for text descriptions, to do them sortable too?

Best regards,


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Hello Aleksei,

As I observed most of the SAP fields has datatype ends with name, so I would suggest a try on a data type ends with name like LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_MEDIUM_Name;

I'm not sure, but worth a try and sorry for the delayed reply, somehow I'm not notified on this thread have to check in SCN.




Hello Senthil,

Many thanks. It works.

Best regards,