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May 22, 2007 at 12:36 PM

Customization and Enhancment of ICSS B2B 5.0 (Java )



I have to customize and enhance the functionality of CRM 5.0 ICSS B2B web front end.

i studied the ISA50DevExtGuideConcepts21.pdf document,according to the document i am using NWDS for development.

I am following the below mentioned methodology.

1 > Downloaded NWDS 7.0

2> Configured the NWDS to point to remote j2ee engine

(Window Preferences SAP J2ee Engine

Message server host

Message Server Port )

3> Got the latest source code i.e sap.comcrmicsswebicss_b2b.war

extracted the source code.

4> created An Enterprise Application Project

5> Created Web Module Project

6> Added the created Web Module Project into the Enterprise Application Project

7> Followed the 1017761 note to deploy the standard application with different name

8> Generated the custom_app.ear file.(J2EE Explorer Perspective)

9> Deployed the application using NWDS deploy option.(J2EE Explorer Perspective custom_app.ear right click u will have option for deploy onto j2ee engine--asks SDM password)

when i try to access the deployed custom application using


i am getting the following error

Application error occurred during request processing.

Details: Error [javax.servlet.ServletException: Initialization of Extended Configuration Management failed.].

Exception id: [0014C265B0070079000006E900006B000004310E29004C31]

when i access the http://host:port/custom_appt/admin/index.jsp

i am getting an empty Menu page .no links for XCM admin

SAP support suggested me to apply the java stack is at SP11 and

in sync with 979884 note patch also.

but still getting the error.

here my question is am i following proper methodology or u find any gaps in the procedure.

i studied in the ISA50DevExtGuideConcepts21.pdf some where they said

about the enabling the debugging and about DTR ,if find any details do let me know asap.