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SAP Design Studio 1.6 Drag&Drop Table-Custom-Sort as MemberArray or String ?


In SAP Design Studio 1.6 during the application rumtime it is possible to custom sort the members of a Dimension in the crosstab with drag&drop.

Alphabetical sorting:

Custom sort (drag&drop):

Would it be possible to get the sorting-order as MemberArray or String from crosstab or datasource ?

Example: NA_2, SA_2, EU_3, EU_1, SA_1, EU_4, EU_2, NA_4, SA_4, NA_3, SA_3, NA_1

If i catch it with <foreach> it will always shown in alphabetic order.

Best regards,


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1 Answer

  • Jul 04, 2017 at 03:53 AM

    Hi Andre,

    Your issue is a known limitation of Design Studio whereby the sort order of the list returned by getMembers() is based on master data sort order, completely independent of the data source result set sort order that appears in the Crosstab. While there is no method to achieve the desired result with standard functionality, I can confirm that you can retrieve the desired sorted array using the SDK Community Data Iterator component with the following steps:

    1. Add the Data Iterator to your application and assign the same data source as your Crosstab;

    2. In the "On Data Change" event of the Data Iterator include the following script code:

    var myColumns = me.getMeasures();
    var myColumnKey = "";
    var myColumnText = "";
    myColumns.forEach(function(column, index) {
     myColumnKey = column.key;
     myColumnText = column.text;
     LISTBOX_1.addItem(myColumnKey, myColumnText);

    In the above example, for demonstration purposes I am populating a List Box with the array values but you can process as desired.



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