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C4C/UI Designer: Disable automated update/edit when objects are changed in the background

Dear all,

I'm displaying the contents of a custom business object in an embedded component as a table. Let's say the Custom BO structure is like this:

root node: Opportunity ID

child node[0-n]: Registered Product

Each child node is linked to the respective registered product via Thing Type Navigation.

My process is: I open the Custom BO in Read mode, then I click on a child node (registered product) and the registered product opens. So at this point the registered product is open in the foreground, while the Custom BO is still open, but in the background.

Now I make some modifications to the *registered product* which in turn call coding that changes the very same table of my Custom BO from which I opened the registered product.

Now my problem: On the first change that my *registered product* modifications make to my Custom BO (which is still in the background!) via ABSL, the Custom BO goes into Edit mode and is updated with that change automatically! However, all subsequent changes my coding tries to make to the custom BO fail with an error message that the object is locked by my user. (If I close the custom BO after opening the registered product and then make my changes, everything goes fine.)

So my question is: How can I disable that my custom BO enters edit mode automatically + is "live updated" with all changes my coding makes? I want it to be "dumb" so that I have to close and open it again (or press a refresh button ...) in order to see the changes. I suppose there is some setting in the UI designer, but I haven't been able to figure it out.

Hope somebody can help me!


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1 Answer

  • Jul 04, 2017 at 12:11 PM

    Hello Stefan,

    Maybe the annotation "SeparatelyLockable" for the child node prevents the error messages.

    . Horst

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