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Jul 03, 2017 at 06:30 AM

BODS : How to split Long string in a column to multiple segments in new columns


Hi All,

There's a issue and I need help in fixing that.

Scenario :

There's a source column of varchar(8000) length. Now target accepts maximum 132 char in one column. So, if there's a string coming >132 characters in input column, the String Must be broken down in SEQUENCE of 132 character segments and loaded in output columns(which are of varchar(132) size).

For example :

If input came 600 characters long in source Column. Then this input must be sequentially splitted into 5 output columns (132+132+132+132+72). First four columns should contain 132 characters each and Fifth column should contain leftover 72 characters.

Request you all to help me asap. Please help me in building Custom function for this.

Thank you in advance.