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Central Dependency for selecting two materials

Hi friends,

One of our manufacturing product is reducing Tee. I have attached the picture for better understanding. tee.jpg

Now Each Tee can be manufactured by two different pipes, one is main pipe and another is short pipe. and each pipe is measured by its Diameter and KFG(pressure capacity) .

The characteristics for the FG will be -

Finish material---- Class - 300----- HM_CL_TEE

Description ---Characteristics -- -- Possible Values -- ---Base unit---

Product---------HM_CT_PROD------Reducing Tee


Dia---------------HM_CT_DIA----------80,090,100, 110,120--------MM

KGF-------------HM_CT_KGF----------4, 6, 10-------------------------KGF/SQCM

Dia---------------HM_CT_DIA_2--------80,090,100, 110,120-------MM

KGF--------------HM_CT_KGF_2-------4, 6, 10------------------------KGF/SQCM

based on the above characteristics,I have to select two pipes from the bom which is

Class - 001 HM_CL_PIPE

Pipe --1



Pipe -- 2



1. We can not use it as Class item because we need to change the component because it varies from pipe to pipe.

2. We can create a simple selection condition for each pipe so that it will select the item but than we need to create lot many dependency for each item.

3. I have written the constrain/procedure for config profile but it is giving me error because I am selecting same pipe with different characteristics.

Any suggestion please,



tee.jpg (4.2 kB)
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2 Answers

  • Jul 03, 2017 at 08:58 AM

    sorry to say, you question formation is difficult to understand.

    Let me here help you, base on what I understand from your question. You will get your best answer from you with repetition of product structure. discuss as much as product structure with team. when discussing your product structure do not tell what configuration you are using. Let them give their own idea to solve the same.

    can you tell me your FG material components are configurable or not?

    Point 1,

    It is possible to change the BOM component and its value base on FG characteristics configuration.

    Point 2,

    Your business have what numbers of component for finish material?

    Point 3,

    Can you tell us, what you want to achieve through the constrain? and what error you are facing?

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    • Hi Keyur,

      Thank you for the Answer. I need to maintain separate dependency for each material than only it will work.

      because the constraint logic itself conflicting.

      any way thank you for your answer.



  • Jul 04, 2017 at 10:56 AM

    Hi Keyur,

    We want to select 2 components from the constraint.

    For single material I have written the constraint and it is working fine but for two materials the constraint shows the inconsistency.

    We have around 1000 materials in the components and it is very difficult to maintain dependency for each one of them.

    I have written constrain for one material


    X IS_A(300) HM_CL_TEE,

    Y IS_A(300) HM_CL_PIPE.







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