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reporting ACDOCA table using AO

Jul 05, 2017 at 11:29 PM


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hi gurus, I m working in S4H 1610 FPS02 and I we are using AO for reporting, but I'd like to know what is the best approach for this? Since I have to create some reports on the top of ACDOCA table.

1. Create CDS views on the top of ACDOCA table? (1 CDS view per each report) , but I guess this option should be used if I need to join ACDOCA table with other tables or fields, but it is not my case.

2. Use standard infocube /ERP/SFIN_V01 "S/4HANA Financials: Actual Data from ACDOCA" and create some BEx queries on top of that? Then I can use this bex query as datasource for my AO report. I like this option because my infocube is standard.

3. is there some better option?


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1 Answer

Lucas Gabriel Jul 10, 2017 at 09:21 AM


I'd go with Option 2. But instead of using the cube, I use the multiprovider (/ERP/SFIN_M01 - includes plan data as well).


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Hi, I have heard that in FS02 we can use this infocube I_JOURNALENTRYITEMCUBE which is based in CDS views, since we could face performance issues using /ERP/SFIN_XXX because it uses Hana Views and the SAP approach is to use CDS views for reporting.

Have you heard something about it?


@Joseph: regarding the CDS X Calc view performance, there is no performance difference/ recommendation from SAP. Full statement below:

"All queries against CDS views are internally transformed into a query structure that could have been a SQL query and then handled just like any other query. So, all the execution engines are still available for queries against CDS tables and views. You can even use CDS views in calculation views and that still would work.

So it all depends on what you are designing in your CDS. There is no general performance recommendation for this."


hi George, I have heard comments that CDS view is the approach that SAP suggests for this scenario but I haven't found any article about it, I would appreciate if you can share your sap documentation about it.




@Joseph: the above statement is from an incident that I have raised with SAP about this topic as I didnt find any documentation as well. I have also talked with a "SAP BPC champion" who confirmed that there is no performance recommendation between the two approaches.