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May 21, 2007 at 07:32 PM

Interactive Forms in GP does not show up in Runtime


Hi All,

I am running on EP 7.0 SPS10. We are testing GP by including an Interactive Form (.xdp) as a callable object. The form is just a test form and have only two fields: Name and Zip Code.

This form will be filled by the Initiator (Applicant) and then will be approved by the Approver (HR).

This scenario is very similiar to the one described in SAP Help tutorials (

However I am not able to see the form during runtime. Here are some interesting finidngs:

1. No logs in the default trace files

2. During the step "Exposing the Interactive Form in Guided Procedures" in the tutorial, I do not see the same input output parameters and see an extra "FormInputData" which has a child name EmailAddress.

3. When i try to instantiate this object (form), i get this error: Execution ended in an unrecognized state

4. When i test this object, i get this technical exception: Unexpected internal exception during background execution: The message contains non-trusted or invalid receivers

5. During runtime I do not see this form and the message is: There is no action required at this time.

I have followed SAP documentation on configuring ADS, SLD and GP (

A few open points during the configurations:

1. The settings for the Web Services Security service where to configure the Web Service Destination using the URL SLD option rather than URL Custom, if i choose "SLD" , then I am not able add the parameter that is needed for it like WS Name, Port.

2. During the configuration of recieving of interactive forms, I was not sure about the Client and Domain field in the Configuration Adapter section.

I would really appreciate if anyone sheds more light on these.