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Jul 04, 2017 at 07:16 PM

Removal of the complete quantity from one single bin

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Hi SAP Gurus..

I am faced with a requirement from my client, and I could not find a ready solution in the SAP standard for the same.

My client stores cables in one of the Storage Types in their warehouse. One reel (one bin) of cable measures 54 meters. The cable is used in pieces of a fixed length of 10 meters. Which means after 5 pickings, there is a leftover of 4 meters - which can be no longer used in Production and should be actually scrapped.

As of now, for the next (6th) picking, system proposes this leftover of 4 meters and the balance required 6 meters from the next reel. The requirement is that the complete length of 10 meters should come from one single reel.

What I have tried:

1. While removing the fifth piece of 10 meters, user can manually enforce a zero stock check and declare that the bin is now empty. In this case, the system sends the last 4 meters from the reel to the Storage Type 999 and then it can be written off. But, the problem here is that the user would not always know what is the balance length of the cable in the reel (I used round figures here only for an easy example). Besides, user would not always know what is the regular required length of a particular cable in the Production.

2. I explored the removal strategy "A" (partial pallets). But this strategy does utilize the last 4 meters from a reel and only then takes the balance 6 meters from a new full reel.

If there is no ready solution in SAP standard WM, then we would go for a Z program that would check the leftovers of the cables in all the reels and if in any of the bins the length is less than the usable length (maintained in a Z table maybe), it would send it to 999 and then it would be written off.

Could you please let me know your thoughts, proposals and other possible solutions.

Thanks in advance!