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SolMan Application Server Instances - System Monitoring using OS Command Adapter

Jul 04, 2017 at 06:22 AM


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Our Solman has two application server instances, one of which is ACS.

I have enabled system monitoring with auto-reactions to forward alerts to third party tool via OS command adapter. SM49 command is created to write alerts to windows application event log using EVENTCREATE command.

Issue is that, SolMan tries to write the alerts to both application server instances without any preference. When it writes to instance where ACS is, execution of SM49 command is successful and the alert is written to windows application event log.

But, when SolMan tries to execute SM49 command on the second application server instance(not ACS), execution fails with access denied error.

Someone who has encountered this behavior? Setting profile parameters will help?

Any suggesstion is appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Ashok,

Is this related to your earlier question MAI OS Command Execution Target? It seems like the same issue, though you are asking about slightly different angles on it. You might consider combining both into a single question (perhaps this current one).

Also note, I added "SolMan System Monitoring" as an additional secondary tag.

Otherwise, well-worded question! Unfortunately, I don't know the answer, however.


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