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Jul 03, 2017 at 10:48 AM

"Period & Volume Discounts" to be treated as discounts to the sales item in CCO



Discounts of discount groups are applied as discount to the sales item in SAP Customer Checkout. (As it says in the Integration Guide)

But when it comes to Special Prices for Business Partners and Period and Volume Discounts, the system applies the discounts to price list and takes the price with an applied amount as a new price to Customer Checkout.

For example If a sales item is for sale for 10 dollars, but there's a 20% discount on Friday, on that day in CCO it shows 8 dollars as a unit price instead of showing it as 10 dollars unit price, 2 dollars discount and 8 dollars gross amount.

First of all I want to know the logic behind this, now I think that the reason behind this is to make it easier to add additional discounts when selling an item using Periods and Volume Discount. I think there should exist a cell that shows information about the discount, so the users could track how much discount is being applied to an item.

For e.g there's always a sale on Wednesdays and Fridays in a certain company, so they're using period and volume discounts to automate this process. As it is now, its impossible for the customer to see that there was a discount on a sales item they purchased.

When using Period and Volume Discounts or Special Prices for BP, we would like there to be an additional option to choose whether the discount is applied directly to the price creating a new price, or applied as a discount to the sales item.

Do you have any plans in the nearest future regarding this topic?