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    Posted on May 20, 2007 at 07:04 AM

    hi ,


    Output is a form of media from business to one of its business partners. The output can be sent to any of the partners defined in the document. Outputs are usually in the form of Order Confirmations, Freight List, Delivery Notes, Invoices & Shipping Notifications. Determining form of output is output determination

    Types of Output: Print Output, Fax, Telex, E-Mail & EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)


    SPRO- IMG- Basic Functions- Output Control- Output Determination- Output Det using Cond Tech- Output Det for Sales Documents & output det for billing documents.

    Create Condition Table: select the field Sales Doc Type from field catalog & Save

    Maintain Access Sequence: 4-digits code & description. Assign condition table to access sequence. Select Accesses line item and Go To Fields. Fields will display the fields we have selected in the condition table i.e. sales doc type.

    Maintain Output Types:

    AF00: Inquiry

    AN00: Quotation

    BA00: Order Confirmation

    LD00: Delivery

    Select BA00 & Copy & Rename. Give the same 4-digit code as given to acc seq.

    You Can Maintain:

    Languages of Output

    Partners (to whom we want to send output)

    Print Program- print specification

    Sap Script- layout

    Assign Output Types to Partner Functions: go to new entries & assign your output type to partner functions.

    Maintain Output Determination Procedure: V10000 (Standard Procedure). Go to new entries & create your own 6-digit code with descp. Select the procedure & go to Control Data. Here mention the output type i.e. cond type & leave requirement and manual only columns as blank.

    Determination Rule: link the 6-digit procedure code to doc types.

    Create Condition Records: VV11. Select document type and click on Communication. Mention partner function, medium, time. Output device: LP01, Spool request Name: SD_003, Suffix 2: order_confir & flag on print immediately.

    Once you press enter you will come across 2 key combinations:

    Sales organisation/ Customer Number: fill SO, Customer No, Partner Function Abbreviation, Partner to whom the output should be sent, time, medium, language. {It contains: Sales Orgn, Customer, Partner Function (The abbreviated form of the name that identifies the Partner) (During output determination, the system determines the recipient of the output from the master record for the specified partner function. In this field, you can explicitly specify a recipient that will override the standard partner. There must also be a master record for the partner that is specified explicitly.), Medium, Time & Language.}

    Order Type: Document Type, Partner Function (abbreviation), Partner, Medium, Time & Language.




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    Posted on May 19, 2007 at 04:06 PM

    Output Determination

    Output is a form of media from a business to one of its business partners. The possible media forms are printouts, faxes, telexes, e-mails, and EDI. The output can be sent to any of the partners defined in the document. Outputs are usually in the form of order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, and shipping notifications.

    IMGSDBasic fncsOutputOutput determination

    An output type is simply a type of output and it contains all the control features for the output. For ex, it defines the kind of output, which business transaction it applies to, which business partner receives the output, how the output is sent (the media), and the print program and SAP Script layout to use in formatting the output.

    Output determination can be maintained as originating from the customer master record or as originating by using the condition technique.

    Output proposal from the customer master record

    IMGSDBasic fncsOutputOutput determinationOutput proposal from the customer master record, Define output

    In this option one creates output types, such as BA00 (order confirmation). After creating the output type, one assigns the output type to an output procedure, such as DB0001. After the assignment of the output types to the procedure, the output procedure is then assigned to the customer account group. This is a simple procedure and results in the output that is placed on the customer master record being copied into the sales document.

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    Posted on May 19, 2007 at 06:02 PM


    The Output Determination component offers output functions for sales, shipping, transportation, and billing to help you manage sales transactions with your customers and within your company. You can create sales activity output (for example, customer telephone calls, mailing campaigns) and group output (for example, freight lists). Your company employees can send and receive output. Output is directly linked to the corresponding sales transaction (for example, the system automatically sends an order confirmation via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as soon as the employee creates an order).


    The output determination component is used for output control. Output control is used to exchange information with internal and external partners.

    During message determination, the condition tables are searched for condition records according to the rules defined in Customizing (defining condition components) which correspond to the current application data.

    The current application data is transferred to Message Control from the application in the communication structure . In addition, the application also transfers the relevant application code and a procedure as the highest condition components in the hierarchy.

    When the system finds a message, the following scenario occurs:

    If the application provides functions for manual editing of messages, the message found is proposed to the user. The user can edit the message manually and make any changes required.

    The message (which may have been edited) is saved and is then immediately or later transferred to the processing program.

    pl reward if it helps.


    Sadhu Kishore

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