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Does MDG support image comparison?

Jul 03, 2017 at 04:02 AM


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hi Experts,

Does MDG has image comparison function/feature?

My client has raised a requirement that they want the system to compare the newly uploaded image of a material with existing ones, to check if the new image already exists. I checked the MDG features and didn't see similar function been mentioned, so want to ask around to see if any of you experts have seen similar requests.

Thanks very much!


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1 Answer

Markus Ganser
Jul 03, 2017 at 02:09 PM

Dear Anqi,
Recently, I have come across similar requirement. As of today, SAP MDG doesn't provide native capabilities in this context. But in my opinion the discussion should be rather on if and how to provide such a service (e.g. on HANA), and enable MDG for consumption.



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hi Ganser,

Thank you very much for your input! you know if Hana provides such a service? Any clue on how (regardless of components or platform) to build this capability within SAP products? The project we are looking at is trying to do both HANA migration (from SAP ECC) and MDG implementation together. However I'm totally new in MDG & HANA so a little bit lost in digging through the numerous materials.

To further ellaborate, the painn point we are dealing with for client on master data part is:

- a: To deduplicate materails masters by pre-set rules, such as upper and lower cases, abbrs, etc. And I think this should be done via data service

- b: centrally management the master data objects and distributed to both SAP ERP and non-SAP systems. I understand this should be easily done via ALE (to SAP ERP) and PI (to non-SAP systems).

- c: to leverage business process in CRUD scenarios of master data. And this should be done via the standard workflow that MDG could provide.

- d: there are various master data (master/customer/vendor/finance master data/boms/equipments/classifications) that needs to be implemented in MDG. Hence we'll need MDG-F,MDG-M, MDG-C,MDG-S...all its components.

And I have more questions...

1. In order to not be impacted by the HANA migration from SAP ECC, should we seperate the server/database of HANA and MDG? Say one needs to reboot and the other may be impacted if they are installed together...Could that happen?

2.There are MDG hubs like material, supplier, etc. Is each hub a different databse? Then how about the other master data, such as equipments, BOMs, and even non-SAP master data, where should we implement them?


Hi Anqi,

please check the "Featured Content" assets provided on the MDG site in the SAP Community. There you'll find links to relevant product presentations, deployment recommendations, extensibility documention, and also to the SAP User Assistance documentation.

Generally, SAP MDG supports master data consolidation from heterogeneous landscapes and central governance scenarios. In consolidation, validation and standardization can run based on native SAP HANA data quality services.