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Note Implemented in Development Working,But Quality problem is coming

Jul 01, 2017 at 03:28 AM


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I am facing small problem.
I was implemented,Some notes in Development Successfully, It is showing in Development as, Completely implemented, While implementing in Development it was generated one request.

Now I am importing this request in Quality server. But getting error as
Note has not yet been imported successfully. Please have a look on attache image
Need suggestions.

noteerrorqty.png (38.2 kB)
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Somewhere in the log there will be other messages concerning the note, which will probably explain why the note hasn't been imported.


I checked in DEV ,In note, log. this note is saying the not yet been imported successfully.

devlog.png (49.3 kB)

I think Matthew meant the import log of the transport request; you should expand all the lines, they are collapsed by default ; be careful there are several levels to expand ; he didn't mean the log of the implementation of the note in the dev system.


By the way, did you first import the notes which are mentioned?


yes, I was imported, In Development. While importing it is created Request, Now in quality importing the TR .
Then i faced the Error. Hope you understood.

In development Note is saying completely implemented.


Not sure to understand if you did it right. Let me say it differently:

  1. Apply all the notes in development system. They are assigned automatically to a transport request.
  2. Make sure the transport request to transport has entries R3TR NOTE 0002265859, etc.
  3. Transport the transport request in the next system.
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2 Answers

Artur Danilyan Jul 02, 2017 at 10:40 AM

The Note has not yet been imported successfully, because (maybe):

1) Your SAP Administrator has some time ago imported/built-in a previous version of this Note (check it -> Transaction SNOTE)

2) It needs to istall / to change some components (SAP program, method itc.) before the Note will be installed (read Note and check its example ABAP code)

Best regards

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Thanks for your reply.

Example: SAP note : 2265859

Actually i am the person is implement the note.No other person is involving.
Above note is having only version 1 , no other version, So i was download and implement the note,
now, quality doing the same thing.But above error is coming

It is simply Creating the package there is no prerequisite too.

Then why error is coming Any idea.


Are you saying you implemented the note in the quality system via SNOTE? You shouldn't do that. Import the transport request from the development system. It should contain all prerequisite notes too. Make sure the R3TR NOTE entries are contained in the transport request.


NO No, Through the Request only i am importing.

Prithviraj Rajpurohit Jul 04, 2017 at 10:16 AM


1. Did you check if both the DEV and QAS are at same level in terms of SP, Kernel

2. Was there any manual steps involved pre-steps or post-steps?

3. Try importing the request using overwrite originals, if that helps?



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