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Note Implemented in Development Working,But Quality problem is coming

I am facing small problem.
I was implemented,Some notes in Development Successfully, It is showing in Development as, Completely implemented, While implementing in Development it was generated one request.

Now I am importing this request in Quality server. But getting error as
Note has not yet been imported successfully. Please have a look on attache image
Need suggestions.

noteerrorqty.png (38.2 kB)
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  • By the way, did you first import the notes which are mentioned?

  • yes, I was imported, In Development. While importing it is created Request, Now in quality importing the TR .
    Then i faced the Error. Hope you understood.

    In development Note is saying completely implemented.

  • Not sure to understand if you did it right. Let me say it differently:

    1. Apply all the notes in development system. They are assigned automatically to a transport request.
    2. Make sure the transport request to transport has entries R3TR NOTE 0002265859, etc.
    3. Transport the transport request in the next system.
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2 Answers

  • Jul 02, 2017 at 10:40 AM

    The Note has not yet been imported successfully, because (maybe):

    1) Your SAP Administrator has some time ago imported/built-in a previous version of this Note (check it -> Transaction SNOTE)

    2) It needs to istall / to change some components (SAP program, method itc.) before the Note will be installed (read Note and check its example ABAP code)

    Best regards

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  • Jul 04, 2017 at 10:16 AM


    1. Did you check if both the DEV and QAS are at same level in terms of SP, Kernel

    2. Was there any manual steps involved pre-steps or post-steps?

    3. Try importing the request using overwrite originals, if that helps?



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