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May 18, 2007 at 06:33 AM

Demand priority in PP/DS heuristics


Hi everyone,

My question is about the demand priority in PP/DS. Do planning/scheduling heuristics consider demand priority?

I want to design a planning process as follows:

Forecast consumption strategy 20 (planning with final assembly)

Capacity of the assembly line per week: 16

<u><b>Week1 demand:</b></u>

Product A: forecast:10 pc and sales order:6 pc

Product B: forecast:6 pc and sales order:9 pc

In this situation I want APO to create a plan as follows:

Week1: 7 pc A (6 for for sales order and 1 for forecast) and 9 pc B (all for sales order)

Week2: 3 pc A (all for forecast) no B

(the aim is, firstly to use sales orders to create plan, if the capacity is not filled than use forecast.)

Which planning/scheduling heuristics should I use for this? As far as I know, forecast has the lowest demand priority, so if I put a high priority for sales orders, then the sales orders will be higher priority than forecast. Is there any scheduling heuristic, except "schedule sequence manually", that will give me the result I want in this scenario? Because, "schedule sequence manually" is a heuristic that can be used interactively. I want to find a way to create this plan in the planning run (transaction: /SAPAPO/CDPSB0).

Any comment is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,