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Jun 29, 2017 at 05:59 PM

IsCommited OITW values summed by date


I'm using Sales Orders to sell Parent items having a BOM "assembly" type associated.

When adding an additional sales orders, the BOM component items

OITW "Iscommited" column is updated.

How can I query by date the components item "IsCommited" Column?

For exemple: having an assembly BOM for the parent Item "00110001 - Limonade" (sales Item only); Its components are: "00720001 - Sugar" 2Kg and "00720002 - Lemons" 1Kg (both sales, inventory and purchase Item)

On day 1) is added a sales order of 5 limonades (Lemons commited: 10Kg; and Sugar commited: 5Kg);

On day 3) is added a sales order of 1 Limonade (Lemons commited: 2Kg; and Sugar commited: 1Kg);

On day 5) the OITW "IsCommited" column for sugar is 12 Kg and for Lemons is 6Kg.

However, I intent to have the "IsCommited" values at day 2 (that is: Lemons commited: 10Kg; and Sugar commited: 5Kg).

I've already tried to query using RDR1 table (sales orders line table), but it doesn't deliver info from the components itens (only selling items are showned)

I intent to built a query presenting the "In Stock" value and "IsCommited" value of each item in a particular date (docdate = [%0])

Thanks in advance