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Is there any way to use polling in SAP HANA without using Streaming Plugin?

I am trying to find out a way to use polling in SAP HANA without any external plugin(as in case of Streaming Plugin which requires a separate installation in SAP HANA Studio).

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    Jul 03, 2017 at 02:06 PM

    Hi Shriya,

    Thanks for clarifying. So whether there's a way to achieve what you are trying to do with out using SDS is not really a question I can answer. SDS is my area of expertise. But the one thing that comes to mind is whether you can use a trigger, calling a stored procedure, to "play with" the new records as soon as they are inserted. If you haven't already looked at that you might want to check it out.

    You're right, that to use SDS you have to install it on your HANA system. It's not really a "plugin" but rather an optional server component. The SDS design time tools is a plugin for HANA Studio (or Eclipse) - but note that this is just the design time tools and the SDS projects (data models) have to run on the SDS "cluster" (server) which is installed as an optional component in the HANA system, either running on the HANA server or on a separate dedicated host that has been set up as an additional host in the HANA system.

    If you do have SDS installed and want to use it to process new rows that have been inserted into HANA tables, note that there is no way to do this in true real-time today. SDS does not have a way to do real-time change capture on HANA tables. You can come close however: you can configure the SDS Database Input adapter to poll a specific HANA table every few seconds. And if the table is set up with some type of sequence number or time stamp, you can configure the polling to only look for new records added since the last one retrieved. Then, as the database input adapter pulls rows from the HANA table, each row is immediately processed as an "event" in the SDS project.

    For more info on installing and using SDS, check out the SDS Developer Center where you will find tutorials, a link to the HANA Academy playlist for SDS and other useful info.

    Best regards,


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  • Jun 30, 2017 at 01:42 PM

    Can you elaborate on what you are trying to do? What do you mean when you say you want to "use polling in SAP HANA"? Are you trying to poll the HANA database? Have HANA poll an external source? Perhaps if you can describe the use case we can discuss the options for implementing it.

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    • Former Member

      @Jeff Thanks for the reply. Use case that i am trying to achieve is that I want to play around with the records that are being inserted into a HANA table in real time i.e as soon as a record is inserted into a HANA table i'd like to use it.

      Now as far as i've figured out, SDS(Smart Data Streaming) plugin in SAP HANA needs to be installed separately and i am avoiding to use this but if i don't find anything else then probably i'd use SDS only. So is there any other way(or some specific set of commands) in SAP HANA that i can use to achieve this? If yes could you please share the link/links?