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Jun 30, 2017 at 10:26 PM

How can I scroll to the bottom of a page with VBS script recording?


I am writing a program that utilizes VBScript in order to grab data from SAP. When I load the large table of data, select it, and then copy it, I am getting a message saying that not all data is copied to the clipboard. If I scroll down before selecting the data the rows that were not copied become populated. So in my script I want the page to scroll down before selecting all the data and copying it.

I have looked into using the "sendkey" methods for the page down key but my research has led me to believe that this type of command does not actually work for SAP. The macro recorder also does not pick up my action of scrolling down manually.

Is there another way of doing this? Or am I am I mistaken about my previously attempted methods being wrong.