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Jun 30, 2017 at 09:34 AM


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Good afternoon,

In our SAP environment, we have:

1 SQL Server with 2 databases (does SLD function)

2 terminal servers that connect against this sql server by Browser Access.

We need to limit the view or selection of the database, since several people are connected and we do not want everyone to see all the databases, only theirs (this at SAP Business One Client level we have it limited by SQL permissions, And only see theirs).

We need, for example, as in capture 1, for the "User1" domain session only "BASEDEDATOS3" is shown, since the other database belongs to another person.


How should we proceed to limit access and selection of databases by domain users?

Thanks and regards.

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1 Answer

Balaji Selvaraj Jun 30, 2017 at 09:51 AM

Hi Alberto ,

We cannot restrict the database through SLD.



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Let me doubt it. In the SAP Cloud service, the service unit limits this view. In addition, in the manual that gives SAP on the Browser Acces, the login against the portal is different. I leave you a screenshot with this I tell you.



External address mapping is for public IP access. Once you enter the server name in the SLD it will list all the existing database and we cannot limit the view of particular database. You can limit the view, if we map one database with Server name and one with server IP with different database user id .

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I explain my situation to you.

I have 1 single instance, and 10 databases within it.

I want 10 people to be assigned, each of them, only 1 database, so I do not want them to see the other people.

If I use ip and name, I can only show 2, not 10, so the solution would not suit me.