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Former Member
May 16, 2007 at 02:32 PM

Using 0ANALYZER in BI 7.0 Query Designer and Portal


Hi Experts,

We are running BI 7.0 but rendering all our Portal Queries in 3.5 view. For this reason we are using 0ANALYZER to render the BI 7.0 queries in 3.5 look and feel on the portal.

I have a problem where Query Designer cannot execute a web version of the query as a preview, I get the following error:


Error during conversion of the Web template "0ANALYSIS_PATTERN from the master system</b>

What does this mean? Is there a problem in the conversion of 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN (which is BI 7.0 template) to 0ANALYZER (which is BI 3.5 template)?

In T-code SPRO there are two setting options: I have set the template by going into 'Set Standard Web Templates (Format SAP BW 3.x)' as being 0ANALYZER for Adhoc Analysis.

In the 'Set Standard Web Templates' setting I have not changed and left blank. Do I need to set the ADHOC ANALYSIS template as being 0ANALYZER here also. I think I don't as this is a BI 7.0 setting and the template 0ANALYZER is a 3.5 template.

How can I correct the error above and allow execution of queries on the web via Query Designer?