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May 16, 2007 at 02:20 PM

Error in EC-CS - Currency Translation is Irrelevant


Has anyone seen this message? I have checked and as far as I can see, currency is set correctly. Please advise....

Task CrcyTrans is irrelevant or is being copied

Message no. G0256


Task CrcyTrans is either irrelevant or is being copied from another version for the current org unit. Therefore, the task cannot be executed in the present version.

There is only one exception for source tasks with the type "Data Collection" which bear the task status "Being copied" (in the target version):

If the local currency of the respective consolidation unit differs from the ledger currency, the system permits supplementary changes to the additional financial data in the target version. In this case, you can also start the source task with the type "Data Collection" in update mode for the respective consolidation unit in the target version. Then the system permits subsequent entry of additional financial data.

Keep in mind that the status is not updated.

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