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May 16, 2007 at 12:48 PM

Maintenance Optimizer - Relaxed Rules?


I'll start a new question thread to reward the points.

Markus Döhr

, you stated in a recent post that:

"And you still don't need SolMan to download - you can still select them one-by-one without everything, you just have to download from the download basket instead of direct clicking on a link in the browser, that's the only change so far and I'm VERY happy with that."

Yet I still see the access is blocked for the support packages released later than April 2, 2007.

Let's take SAPKA70012 support package as an example. It's hidden from the standard search of support packages, yet it's visible here:">>

Maybe I missed something but "Add to download basket" link is still deactivated. So is there an alternative way to add support packages to the download basket, which I don't know?