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Quality Checks per shift how to set up

Hi all

We have a production site that along with its normal in process checks it also does inspections per shift. Is there a way to set this up.

Currently we could have one Process order that will run for 24 hours from that we have one 03 inspection lot and one 04 inspection lot. This process order goes across 3 shifts and we want something to be available at the very start of the shift for the guys to complete. I cant see how I can complete this in the 03 lot as depending at what time they start the process order they could be in any phase of the recipe when the next shift comes in. Currently our inspection points are manually generated by the staff so manually in the inprocess 03 lot when the production staff actually take a measurement and manually in the 04 lot in the lab when they receive the samples from production.

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2 Answers

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    Jun 29, 2017 at 08:47 PM

    I would try the following:

    Add a new operation in the beginning of the order. Set it for free inspection points.

    Set up an inspection point identifier (Z100) to include shift number,(probably the number length of 3 field). For this identifier, go to the "Function Modules" tab. SAP provides and an example FM - "QAPP_CUST_IP_CREATE". Copy this module to ZQAPP_CUST_IP_CREATE and insert into the field for "automatic creation of inspection points". Modify the Z version to create three inspection points with the proper shift IDs.

    If you do this, you should have an 03 inspection lot created with three pre-created inspection points in the first operation. The rest of the operations should be just like they are now.


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    • Since you customize the FM you would put in the code to do whatever you wanted to. SAP only supplies the FM as an example. They don't really expect it to be used "as-is".

      I would suggest maybe using a standard convention. I.e. any operation ending in 7 gets three inspection points created. So your first operation would be numbered as 0007. Then the FM would ignore all other operations except 0017, 0027,0037, 0047...etc...

      That is just one example. You could also check the operation text description and look for a specific string or word. I.e. IF oper_txt contains "Shift inspection" then......

      That way you could put in say two operations like :

      0010 - Shift Inspection - current reactor readings

      0020 - Shift Inspection - room environmental values

      Then only those two operations get the three inspection points created on them.

      Also, this will only come into play when you select this specific inspection point identifier in your process order.


  • Jun 29, 2017 at 05:15 PM

    Try manual inspection with inspection type 89.

    The other alternative is to create a quality notification, where completion of it's tasks should trigger the inspection point result recording or GR inspection lot result recording. May be this process could be a linked process or a custom build process or a manual driven process.

    All depends on what is acceptable to business and it's consulting team.

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