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May 16, 2007 at 11:49 AM

De-Activate Services Button on Described Requuirements Screen



After reading various threads in this forum about this, I haven't found the solution that I feel is the 'right' solution. I'll explain...

In the HTML template SAPLBBP_SC_UI_ITS_230, there is this snippet of code...


           `TD(class="label")` `TXT_SPEC_I-SERVICE_FLAG.label`
             <input type="radio" id="goods" 
                    value=" " `if(GS_SCR_SPEC_I-SERVICE_FLAG != "X")` checked `end`> 
             <label for="goods">
             `TXT_SPEC_I-PRODUCT.label` </label>
             <input type="radio" id="services" 
                    value="X" `if(GS_SCR_SPEC_I-SERVICE_FLAG == "X")` checked `end`>
             <label for="services">
             `TXT_SPEC_I-SERVICE.label` </label>

             `TR()`  `Lines()` 


I have been trying to figure out what BADI (if one exists), where I can set the <b>GS_SCR_SPEC_I-SERVICE_FLAG.exists</b> to false. Thus, removing 'services' functionality for 'Described Requirements' in the shopping cart.

I have seen entries where the HTML template was modifed. The entry for BBP_SC_MODIFY_UI does not effect screen 230, but it does handles 120 quite nicely. I thougth about modifying the screen in the graphical editor to change the 'Hidden' and Input fields, but not should if that's the thing to do.

So, I ask the group, is there a BADI or exit where you can revise field settings or is revising the HTML template the only accepted revision.

Thank you in advance and points will be awarded appropriately.