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BW - WEBI report Performence Issue

Jun 29, 2017 at 06:34 AM


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Hi expert,

I need to create a WEBI report which has huge amount of data like 2,5M rows. Data size is huge because of the users want ot search for 0metarial inside report for performence issue. There is not any detail in report but materials for input parameter makes report size bigger.

What are the options for make report faster ?

Aggreagation? (Our BW teams do not want to aggragate because of the some CUBE problem also I already suggested)

Prompt while retrieving data ( Also it is not desired to do beacause of the performance old programs were good at performance. )

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2.5 M in webi to display or these are the rows in BW?

Is there any navigational attributes are there?

How much time webi report is taking


Hi Amit,

In report, 2.5 M rows data are not shown.query-size.png I reach this info from BO data properties. There is some navigational attribute. As you can see in the attachments report does not include any detail about 0material. We already use schedule option in Bo. The reports schedule time is around 1500 sec roughly ( can up to 1800 sec). Furthermore, I already suggested prompts but old program ( which runned directly on source was very fast ) give this kind of query around 3 seconds for that reason users wants input parameter.


query-size.png (4.3 kB)
general-table.png (98.7 kB)
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Erdem Pekcan Jun 29, 2017 at 07:07 AM

Hi Burak,

Did you specifically investigate and noted the times of each step required to display the report?
Check the statistics in RSRT, if read times are high BW team should work on it. If aggregates are required then it should be done. Cahcing is also another option.

If Bex query runs fine but it takes a lot for Webi to display the outpu then focus on services and performance of BO.

Alternatively you may consider scheduling the Webi report periodically. The users will work on the instances and they will not face any BW related performance problems.



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Hi Erdem,

Thanks for your answer. Generally, my approach is like in your answer but if clients wants to use input parameter are there any other options?


If the input parameter is a must than scheduling the Webi report is the best option.