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May 16, 2007 at 06:23 AM

Performance improving


Hi friends,

SELECT SINGLE atbez INTO it_archive-atbez

FROM cabnt

WHERE atinn = h_atinn

AND spras = sy-langu.

in the code inspector the warning is coming for the above select statement.

i think cabnt contains three primary key fields but in the above we are restricting the select query based on the two primary key fields only because the third primary key is not available in the program thats' why the code inspector is showing the warnig like ' In "SELECT SINGLE ...", the WHERE condition for the key field "ADZHL" does not test for equality. Therefore, the single record in question may not be unique'.

i need to improve the performance of the program so i need to eliminate that warning in the code inspector is there any way to write the same select query with out warning in the code inspector?

Please help me.

Thanks to all.