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Former Member
May 16, 2007 at 05:53 AM

Error During the Matrix fill



I have an user defined form and it contains the matrix. Then i will select the data from Choosefromlist inside the matrix and i will try to fill the matrix using the following code.

<b>Dim CVal As Object

Dim ObjMatrix As SAPbouiCOM.Matrix = OForm.Items.Item(MatUID).Specific

CVal = ObjMatrix.Columns.Item(1).Cells.Item(pVal.Row).Specific

CVal.value = val</b>

if once this code will run the following error will occur

<b> public member 'Value' on type 'IComboBox' not found</b>

what is the error? any one can help me to solve this problem or show me any other way is available to fill the matrix ?

Thanks in advance.