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May 15, 2007 at 05:14 PM

SAP Java Server 6.40 on MaxDB (Full Java Stack) post Installtion help!!


Hello All,

I could successfully installed SAP Java Server 6.40 on MaxDB (Full Java Stack).

After the installation i am trying to:

1. Open "J2EE Engine Examples", i am getting window, which is asking for the user name/password. Can some one tell me, what should i enter here. I tried Administrator/abcd1234, its not accepting it.

2.When i tried to open the portal url http://localhost:50000/irj/portal, i am getting the following message,

<b>Java iView Runtime.</b>

<b>Version: 6.4.200602211121

+Copyright 2002 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

An Exception occured while processing your request.

If this situtation persists, Please contact your system administrator.</b>

Any help would be highly appreciated.