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May 15, 2007 at 12:59 PM

having both Monthly payroll & Weekly payroll


Hello Experts,

Our Payroll system is configured to run payroll monthly. Whilst at present it would seems that a weekly payroll process would be more efficient for NI purposes, the cost to build such a system may out weigh the benefits as we see them at present. Hence our client requests the possibility of running a weekly payroll for specific employees.

Could anyone please help out me with the following questions?

1) Can we convert the existing monthly run employees to weekly run?

2) Will there be any problem in payroll system having both monthly and weekly systems?

3) Can single employee be run both monthly and weekly? I don't think this is possible as there will be confusion in the results.

4) I think we have to re-check / re-implement the new configuration for weekly payroll regarding Sick pay, Maternity and other areas.

5) Can we use the same FI posting configuration for weekly payroll, which was already existing for monthly?

6) Is weekly payroll configuration entirely differs from monthly payroll configuration?

The above are the basic questions, which flashed in my mind, could anybody please collate further questions/answers to the above list.

Thanks in advance,

Purandhar P