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Jun 27, 2017 at 09:06 AM

Issue with calling a table function inside a calculation view


Hello Community

I am trying to use a table function as a data source in a projection node of my calculation view. Web ide shows the output columns from the table function as proxy and marks them in red.

However I don't get any red marks for columns when I do the development on eclipse (I work on HANA cloud SPS 12 version) and I have activated this scenario and my view returns correct data.

I exposed this view as Odata, and it returns data sometimes and at other times I don't get any results. I went back to my CV and see that I get a strange issue while running the data preview on my calculation view -

(Parameter Editor) Could not open 'view' Error: (dberror) 257 - sql syntax error: sql syntax error: search table error: sql syntax error: incorrect syntax near "AS": line 1 col 531 (at pos 532) (please check lines: 26, 38, 49)

Comprehending that this error should be because of the table function used inside my view, I executed the table function and surprisingly it works and returns results without any error.

1) Is it recommended to call a table function inside a calculation view?

2) What might be the reason behind this error?

Kindly help


capture.png (10.8 kB)