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Scheduling the report to export as csv file but not as report layout

Jun 27, 2017 at 02:27 AM


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Hi Experts,

My report that have 2 queries from 2 different universes.

The second query has a condition [Query2].[ID] In List [Query1].[ID]

The report layout has all fields from Query1 and 2 fields from Query2.

I create a merged dimension called [ID] from [Query1].[ID] and [Query2].[ID].

then, I create 2 detail variables for 2 fields from Query2 in order to put them into the same block with the fields of Query1.

I run the report successfully, export the report to excel file as well as schedule the report to export a excel file sucessfully. It means all fields are available and in order like the report layout.

However, When I schedule the report to export a csv file, it just exports the returned data of each query in order, not as the report layout. I need to export a csv file to match the layout.

Please help me that issue.

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Jun 27, 2017 at 07:23 AM

scheduling with CSV option always bring back the webi queries data.

follow these steps to export report data in csv.

create one variable in like var_main=[1]+","+[2]

above one if you want data with comma seprated.

if you want with double quotes.then var_main=char(34)+[1]+char(34)+","+char(34)+[2]+char(34)

Save the report.

At the time of scheduling in Format select "Text" option.

in destination uncheck the option "add file extension" and manually add "csv" in report title. like (ABC report.csv)

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Thanks Amit for your solution,

Does the exported data miss a header row that contains the field names if I apply your solution?

If so, is there a way to get the header row as the first row in the exported data file?


no you will not miss header row. similar to data you need to put the header row.



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Thank you so much Amit.