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May 15, 2007 at 09:50 AM

S.O.P Scenario


Hi Friends,

I have a scenario like this,

Plant A produces two products P1 and P2. Output of plant assume 50 MT(P1)and 60 MT(P2) respectively.

Plant B,C and D consume these 2 products to produce thier own products.

Plant B,C and D have individual product groups. Product group of B contains all

finsihed products manufactured in plant B. All these Fin products consume P1 and P2 in diffrent propotions(maintained in BOM).

This is same for plant C and D.

Requirement is, when I create plan at product group level , i should be able to get total reqmt of P1 and P2. This total reqmt i will check with out put of plant A and adjust the plan accordingly.

e.g : If i get consolidated reqmt of P1 and P2 as 80 and 90 MT. Then i will adjust(reduce in this case) the plan for plants accordingly. so that i will not plan extra.

I checked with rough cut plng profile , but it is not working .

If you have any input , please share.