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How to integrate Smart data streaming in SAP HANA using Node.js?

Jun 30, 2017 at 10:11 AM


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Is there any way i can integrate smart data streaming in SAP HANA in a Node.js project? If yes, what are the steps to be followed?

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1 Answer

Robert Waywell
Jun 30, 2017 at 06:56 PM

There are several ways in which a web application, whether using node.js or any other framework, can interact with an SDS project. Both REST and Websockets can be used to publish data into an SDS project. Websockets can be used to subscribe to pushed output from an SDS project. We also provide OData output adapters if you are looking to have the SDS output call an OData service.

Can you provide more detail on what you looking to implement?

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Former Member

@Robert Thanks for the reply. I am basically trying to find out a way of using SDS in a Node.js project using either CCL commands or REST APIs. I want to play around with the records that are being inserted into a HANA table in real time. As soon as a record is inserted into a HANA table i'd like to use it.

Is this possible using SDS? If yes could you please share necessary link/ links?

Also i'd like to know the REST approach that you mentioned.


How are the event records being inserted into HANA? Could they be published directly to SDS, either to SDS first for processing before being stored in HANA, or to SDS in parallel to being inserted into HANA?

How would you be using the event records in the streaming project?

  • SDS provides a HANA Reference element that does event driven look ups against a HANA table. If you wanted to combine the data from the HANA table with other event records being processed by SDS, then joining to a Reference element would let you include the latest value(s) from the HANA table in your stream processing
  • The DB Input adapter can be configured to poll a database for input. This is not event driven but rather schedule driven and would let you pull the changed data into the streaming project at the configured interval

What we don't have at the moment is the ability for HANA to push new or changed records to SDS, for example through a trigger on the table.

As a starting point for using REST to publish data to SDS, take a look at this tutorial:

Publish events to SDS via the REST interface

If you also need instructions on configuring the Streaming Web Service, then you can refer to this tutorial:

Using the Streaming Web Service (SP11)